Roxanne Claire is an American-born artist currently living in Houston, Texas. Using a number of mediums – video, dance, writing, photography, and performance –her work explores grief, loss, and memory.

Ms. Claire has shown her work at Barn Storm, Houston; Extremely Shorts, Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France; Diverseworks, Houston TX; Footloose, San Francisco CA; Barnevelder, Houston TX, Zocalo, Houston; Choreographers X6, Houston, and Video Week, Geneva, Switzerland.

Awarded a Diverseworks residency for choreography, she has also received a Texas Filmmaker’s Grant, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

In addition to 14 productions of the New York Nutcracker, she produced the Dance Video Festival of French Contemporary Choreographers held in Houston, Texas, and co-produced Sunday Afternoon New Music Jazz Concerts in Paris, France.