The poetry of everyday life.

Points of Fire

Yesterday was one of those days I wish I could rewind.  At what point did I lose control? Ah yes, Friday night when I made a last-minute addition to an already over-full weekend schedule. I wish I could go back and reconsider that addition, eat the lunch I skipped, not eat the junk food I […]

Fresh Start

I have not been here in over a year, although I have thought about this place from time to time. Can I make a fresh start? I would like to make a commitment to show up once a day, but I am hesitant. Life is so full of “must be done” tasks. But isn’t that […]

“Early Sunrise” glows yellow under the blue of my bottle tree

Up at four today. At 6:30, I kiss my still-abed husband and go out onto the back deck. The sun is not yet up but it is light enough for me to see that the shoots I transplanted yesterday have survived. The cool air carries the sound of waking birds. A pigeon walks, silhouetted, along […]

The Dripping of Winter Trees

From up north, my sister sends a photo of her husband. Not a short man, he stands waist-deep in snow. Living in the country, they were snow-bound for four days. In the city, my brother was shut in for three.Here down south, the cold front brings rain. On the sofa, shared body warmth and hand-crocheted […]

Going Home Again

This year I changed my Christmas tree. For several years now I have had a very elegant tree, all burgundy and gold. This year I went traditional. I glue iridescence to the tips of pine cones, stringing them to the tree on red ribbon. I make cinnamon gingerbread men, with silver buttons and silver smiles. […]

The Sound of Christmas

Christmas at my grandmother’s house was a tiny pink Christmas tree, bowls of ribbon candy, and a wreath on the kitchen door. It was always the same wreath, hung year after year. Small, made of yellowed translucent garland, and adorned with a small silver bell.Up North, winters are cold. We children would pound up the […]