True Style

Halloween is coming. This weekend will be spent sewing a hakima for son the younger, so he can be an anime character, and shopping the Salvation Army for son the older.

Halloweens past I’ve sewed costumes for pumpkins, dinosaurs, Hercules, and Inuyasha (anime characters are big in our household). As you can tell, I can do a lot with felt.

My book on fashion icon Iris Apfel came today. I turn the pages slowly, savoring each image of sumptuous fabric and jewelry found in both souks and thrift shops. By turns elegant, dramatic, and whimsical, her style combines couture and the exotic, impeccably cut coats and feathers dyed fuchsia. I linger over a pair of cuffs made of googly eyes.

First thing we do this weekend is plug in my glue gun.

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