Animal Crackers

The cold wave continues and I find it hard to change out of my fleece jammies. They are in fact my dance pants but since they have little white lambs on them, it is clear someone thinks they are jammies.

I make a coloring page with a bear in a tutu and type on it “We’re crackers for Ms Claire’s dance class!” I take the coloring pages and some animal crackers to all my classes. The children spy them the moment they walk into class and their eyes grow bright. We wag our tails like dogs, arch our backs like cats, and float our arms like swans. At class end, they fall over themselves like puppies, eager for their gifts.

Two days later it is the weekly “donut day” at our house. I get out my Christmas gift from the boys: a china cup and small china plate. They are pink with an sophisticated black cat on the side and, near the handle, two small black paw prints. Reading the morning paper, I drink my hot tea and eat my chocolate glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles.

Upstairs, the children tumble and jump. Outside, the wind blows and trees bend.

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  1. Leticia London
    Leticia London says:

    You are an amazing woman Roxanne Claire!

    I already knew of your dancing & choreorgraphy brilliance… how wonderful to discover your talent for writing as well.

    “Animal Crackers” put such a smile on my face.

    Your beautiful words had a way of slowing time; reminding me to bask in the glory of each precious moment.

    Keep shining your brilliance on us!

    Awaiting more …



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