Teaching is Just the Sharing of Your Heart

Last Friday we had guests for dinner. Husband was out of town so it was just me and five boys. We had our traditional roast chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, and what according to son the older is the best part of the meal, my gravy.

Afterward, we replaced our standard Shabbas Table Talk, our weekly study of ethics, with a reading of a prayer which hangs on our dining room wall. Each boy took his turn reading aloud.

May this home blossom with love and learning. May those who dwell within treasure goodness and generosity. … May happiness, hope, and good health nourish all who enter and all who depart.

I had left out the drums from our Monday night lesson. Son the younger demonstrated the rhythm he had learned. One of the guests sat at the second drum and took up the beat. Another guest went to the piano and added to the music. Each boy took his turn demonstrating and encouraging, learning and teaching.

I stood in the kitchen, washing dishes and listening. A warm happiness in my heart.

May creativity and kindness be valued within this loving environment.

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