A Delicate Line

This week while out on my walk I stopped suddenly in the middle of the block. It had not rained in several days but the ditch still had water. On this block, the ditch was grass-lined, small points of green sticking up sharply from water that reflected the blue of the sky above.

Reflected too was the breast of the egret I had stopped to watch. It stood delicately on one leg. Neither of us moved for a long while. A breeze stirred the branches of the tree that shaded us both.

Eventually, I eased my way down the sidewalk, turning my head to keep the bird in view. It too turned to watch me. Visible now, the feather attached to the crest of its head arched out and down, toward its shoulder.

I stopped to admire the line of feather and the bird took flight, its long legs trailing.

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