Embracing the Journey

Yesterday it was pouring rain when I left a friend’s house. I got drenched again running from the car to my front door. Once inside, I stripped off wet clothes, lit candles in every room, put on the tea kettle, and ran a hot bath.

After a luxurious soak, I tied my bathrobe around my waist, put spaghetti on to cook, and poured myself a glass of wine.

Outside, rain drummed on the windowpane. Inside, a flickering candle illuminated the cheery yellow of chrysanthemums, highlighting them against the jewel purple of the hand towel hanging nearby.

This, I thought to myself. This moment of happiness, this tiny joy. This.

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  1. Joyce Ulrich
    Joyce Ulrich says:

    the warmth of the candle signifying the warmth of the beautiful memory made. The refreshing water cleansing and cleansing again.
    what a wonderful way to use the candles to shine the light of clarity and love on all that is revealing itself.
    love, dear friend, love


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